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6 Simple Ways Your AC Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Have you ever walked into your home and immediately felt like you couldn’t quite catch your breath? Maybe you’ve noticed that your allergies seem to kick into high gear the moment you step indoors. Your trusty AC unit might just hold the key to fresher, cleaner air inside your humble abode. 

To give you an idea, here are some ways you can use your AC to kick indoor air quality up a notch.

1. Give Your AC Some TLC

Picture this: your AC is like a superhero, tirelessly battling dust, dirt, and allergens to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. But even superheroes need a break sometimes, right? That’s where regular AC services come in. 

Think of it as giving your AC a spa day – cleaning out the gunk, tightening loose screws, and making sure everything’s running smoothly. A little love goes a long way when it comes to keeping your indoor air quality top-notch.

2. Change Those Filters Regularly

Filters like the unsung heroes of your AC, quietly working behind the scenes to trap all the nasties floating around in your air. But here’s the thing – they can’t do their job properly if they’re all clogged up with dust and debris. 

That’s why it’s crucial to change them out regularly, kind of like swapping out your toothbrush every few months. Not sure how often to do it? Don’t worry, just check them every month or so and replace them when they start looking gunky.

3. Upgrade to HEPA Filters

You know how some superheroes have super suits made of fancy, high-tech material? Well, think of HEPA filters as your AC’s super suit. These bad boys are specially designed to trap even the tiniest of particles, like pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. 

They might cost a bit more upfront, but trust me, they’re worth every penny. Plus, they’re a game-changer for anyone suffering from allergies.

4. Keep Humidity Levels in Check

Ever walked into a room and felt like you were wading through a swamp? That’s high humidity for you, a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and all sorts of other gross stuff. 

Lucky for you, your AC isn’t just for cooling; it’s also great at regulating humidity levels. Make sure you’re setting it to the right level – ideally between 30% to 50%. And if you live in a super humid area, consider investing in a dehumidifier to give your AC a helping hand.

5. Don’t Forget About Ventilation

Your AC might be the star of the show, but it can’t work its magic without proper ventilation. Think of it like trying to breathe through a straw – not exactly ideal, right? Keep your vents clean and unblocked to ensure optimal airflow throughout your home. 

And, don’t be afraid to crack open a window every now and then to let some fresh air in. Just be sure to check the pollen levels first if you’re an allergy sufferer.

6. Go Green with Your Cleaning Products

The stuff you use to keep your home sparkling clean, turns out, some of those products might actually be contributing to poor indoor air quality. 

Many household cleaners contain harsh chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can hang around in the air long after you’ve finished cleaning. So why not switch to eco-friendly options or whip up your own DIY cleaners using simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda?

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