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Agate Stone Revealed: Understanding Its Benefits and How to Harness Them

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Agate stone also known as Hakik is a beautiful stone which is known for its unique appearance. Found in many colors, the specialty of this stone is that it is found in bi-color. The most famous agate stones are the ones found with the main colors orange, green, and yellow with shades of golden brown and white.

Also because of the astrological significance of this gemstone, this stone is worn all over the world. The benefits that are provided to the wearer are influential and can bring positivity to the world.

Know the different benefits of the Agate gemstone here, read the complete article carefully.

Astrological Benefits of the Agate Stone

The agate stone increases calm in its wearer whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The benefits of wearing the agate stone are as follows:

  • It increases the positive energy in the wearer and wraps the wearer with a positive aura.

  • This stone will also help you get rid of any karmic debts. Your karma decides your faith and any guilt or fear of any incident that you might have done in the past will be neutralized. This stone will help you overcome your karmic debts.

  • Agate is a powerful stone, the power it contains will remove bad luck and will help you overcome any obstacles you might be facing in achieving your goals.

  • A Natural Agate stone is also very beneficial if you are feeling negative all the time. It is said that this stone protects its wearer from negative energies. So if any evil spirit or negative influence is revolving around you, you should wear this gemstone.

  • This gemstone can also help you improve your relationships. It makes you more connected, increases harmony, and strengthens your close relationships.

  • The agate stone also provides mental clarity to the wearer. It increases intuition powers, and the knowledge of inner self-consciousness and helps the wearer with spiritual awakenment.

The spiritual insight this stone provides to the wearer helps the wearer keep his mind clear and take better decisions for himself.

Medical Benefits of the Agate Stone

The agate stone is also known to have many health benefits. This stone reduces stress and anxiety and keeps the mind calm and concentrated.

It cured diseases related to the stomach, skin, eyesight, and kidney.

It also helps the person who wears it with sleeping disorders. So, if you are not able to sleep peacefully, this stone will help you in getting better sleeping patterns.

The agate stone is also known to strengthen your immune system and metabolism.

Overall it activates the energy levels of the person and helps the wearer stay active and healthy.

Who Should Wear the Agate Stone? 

The Agate stone is said to be ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is said to neutralize the negative effects of the astrological planets Rahu and Ketu. So, if these two are making noise in your birth chart, and are not letting you pull positivity into your life, wear this stone. It will help you reduce these negative effects.

People born under the zodiac signs Gemini can wear the agate stone. Although, before wearing the agate stone you should consult an astrologer to make sure it is suitable for your birth chart.

Original Agate Stone Price 

The Agate stone is a wondrous gem and since it is found in many colors, the range of every colored stone is different. The cost varies a lot depending on a number of factors such as cut, color, carat, and clarity. It also varies based on the origin and quality of the gemstone.

The price of agate stone in India starts from the range of INR 600 per carat to INR 8500 per carat.

Summing Up

An original Agate stone is one of the most popular gemstones in the world known for its beautiful look and colors. Along with its use for decoration, this stone is used widely to wear or for spiritual practices because of its astrological significance.

The physical healing properties of the Agate stone are to provide mental stability for the wearer. Also, as per Vedic astrology, the agate stone reduces the negative effects of the astrological planets Rahu and Ketu.

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