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All You Need to Know About Poker Chipset

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A case to protect and secure your chips, cards, and dealer buttons is imperative to protect your investment and provide the necessary security for your chips. Poker chipsets come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and price ranges. Most poker chip set sellers offer complete sets with an included case. Inexpensive, readily available plastic chips need not be protected so the case may be as simple as a shoebox but once you move into the midrange and better casino-style.

Plastic Case

Entry-level carrying case for chips that usually is not lockable provides a simple method of storing and carrying gaming chips. Plastic cases boast the lowest cost but the shortest life of specialized chip cases. Lack of security requires constant vigilance of chips during the game.

Vinyl Case

The case is usually constructed from wood or plastic covered with a vinyl material. The case may or may not be lockable. The weight of a 500 chipset of 11.5 gram poker chips is close to twenty pounds and places considerable stress on the carrying case and handle. The failure mode for most vinyl cases is separation of the handle from the case due to the weight.

Metal Case

The metal case is the most common and popular poker chip carrying case. Most metal cases are constructed from structural aluminum in a wide range of styles and price ranges. Some metal cases are not all metal and may have plastic panels and parts in their construction. Some are not lockable. Others have sharp corners. Exceptionally lightweight metal sheets will not last long. The finest all metal cases are constructed from aircraft quality aluminum with removable flocked chip trays, high security barrel locks, machined from solid stock handle fittings and hinges. This case is the top-of-the-line in metal cases and accordingly the most expensive chip case.

Wood Case

Another chip case option is the quality wood case with custom brass fittings. As with all the cases, wood cases come in a variety of qualities and prices befitting those qualities.

Wide Selection of Poker Cards

There are very many card games out there today but one seems to be dominating in popularity, poker. There is something exciting about the rules and the bets and the whole tradition to it like the green poker table top cloth. One thing you cannot do without though in a poker game is the poker cards. They are like the engine to a car and the tires to a bicycle. When choosing cards most people who are not professional players will begin with the design. They will only go for its aesthetic values. I would also choose my playing cards this way when I was seventeen. The design on the front can be anything from just a simple pattern, complex graphics or nothing at all. The world poker series goes for simple plain designs on their poker cards. Avoids any form of cheating from memorizing prints.

For those that are setting up a private poker club they can have customized poker cards. They will look so cool and impressive to your poker buddies. They can bear your name, logo or anything that your creativity can come up with. Sure they will cost an extra buck but if you want personalized cards they will be worth it. The durability of the playing cards you choose depend on the material that you pick. Poker cards are customarily made out of plastic and or paper. They will cost differently but they each have their own given set of advantages. For example if you are just going to play poker once you just buy the paper poker cards and throw them away after the night is over. If you want to keep them for years then you go with the plastic cards.

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