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Understanding the Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Vedic Astrology

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To astrology enthusiasts, Mars and Saturn are very common words they listen to most often. More or less, these planets Mars and Saturn are blamed for the extreme aggressiveness and deep pessimistic attitude respectively. Today, through the magnifying glass of a famous astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, we will try to decipher the effects and incidents that happen to a native’s life when he/she has Mars and Saturn conjunction in a natal chart.

Saturn & Mars Conjunction – Roadmap of Life

Mars is a fiery planet and it is renowned as the planet of energy, anger, confidence, conflicts, disputes, and short temperament. Whereas, Saturn is an extremely cold planet and it is known for providing delay, obstacles, procrastination, suffering, pain, isolation, and justice as well. Now, when these two completely opposite-natured planets sit together in a birth chart, it is expected to experience something weird and unconventional. However, the conjunction or the yuti offers different results based on their placement in positive and negative signs in the Kalpurusha Kundali.

The journey from Failure to Success

Mars is our strength and Saturn denotes Karma. Hence, it can be said surely that when these two planets sit together they endow a native with intense tenacity and dedication toward work, hard work, and patience as well. Such natives may find everything difficult at the first stage of life. They may undergo tremendous suffering (mental and physical), hurdles, struggles, obstacles, loneliness, and failure, and they are treated are underdogs as well.  But, with time they can gradually utilize their inner strength to get over obstacles better than before. If a native can utilize the power of this Yuti then he/she does not require anything else to move on in professional spheres.

In most cases, the native is perceived as a difficult person to communicate with by others. Once, the native starts acting in professional fields, he/she will amaze everyone with his skill and abilities.

Mars and Saturn Can Do Wonders

There is a natural conflict between Mars and Saturn. When Mars is hot, active, and loves action. Saturn is cold, and a planet of restrictions. But, these two can do wonders when their energy gets utilized properly. Apart from destructive influence, these duo can bless a native with such amazing positive fortes.

  • This combination increases a native’s thinking ability and agility. It endows a native with logical thinking, diplomacy, and survival strategies.
  • The native gets agile to take challenges and does not surrender to failure easily. He goes to his extreme to fight back and never gives up. This spirit makes him optimistic and makes a person truly experienced one to deal with life’s battles.
  • The native goes beyond every limitation (of course for good reasons) to attain victory and become successful. He learns from difficult experiences and uses the lessons to conquer obstacles further.
  • Such natives have a revolutionary spirit and they can change the unchanged things that remained static for years.
  • Such natives are workaholics and cannot survive without work. The conjunction between Mars and Saturn removes laziness and lethargy from life and makes a person extremely active and just like a warrior.

Hope, you enjoyed reading about Mars-Saturn Combination. The Yoga is considered underrated. But anyone can decipher the real essence of this yoga; no one can restrict him from attaining success in life. For more discussion like this blog, you can consult with Astrologer Shrijit Chatterjee, the top Vedic Astrologer in Kolkata so far.

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