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Peacock tv is an OTT streaming service which is owned by the NBC universal and is also a subsidiary of Comcast and the service has many features and content such as several movies, TV series, news, etc. 

You will also find exclusive sports programming content such as you can get access to the WWE network as well as to the NBC sports and in this guide today we are going to guide you about how you can activate on devices such as roku, xbox, apple tv, etc. 

Steps for activating peacock tv on your xbox device 

You need to turn on your xbox device and then you should move to the my games & apps button following which you should hit on the ready to install button. 

Now, after this you should change the filter from the top right section to apps and then after this you should find peacock tv application and then click on install button. 

Once the application is installed you should sign in and then a code will be shown to you after which access on another device and put in the code you see which will let you access all the content you want. 

Steps for activating peacock tv on your Roku device 

Turn on your smart TV and then hit on the home button which is there and then roku remote and then you should move to the streaming channels. 

Look for peacock tv channel and then select it and select add channel button and sign in the account you have on peacock tv. 

Once signed in you will get to see a code in front of you on the screen which you should note down and then take another device to access www and when you do this you should not put in the code you just copied. 

As soon as the procedure is finished you will be able to watch whatever content you want on Roku. 

Steps for activating peacock tv on your Apple Tv 

Activating peacock tv on your apple tv is extremely simple as the steps which you are supposed to follow are mentioned by us for you in this blog. 

You should get started by turning on your smart tv and when you have done this, you should access the app store of Apple and then look for peacock tv so that you can get it on your appliance. 

After this you should now install the application and then launch the app following which gets ahead to log into your account using the credentials and as soon as you are logged in you will read peacock code which you have to paste on peacock tv com by accessing it on another device. 

Soon after you put in the code, you will have to follow the instructions on your device and watch the content you wish to. 

You can find out how you can activate peacock on other devices as well by accessing website on your browser.


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