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Reviews on rocket money app: safe or scam?

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Rocket Money app is one of the best applications to save money. Saving money through an app seems a stupid idea, but apps like rocket money have proved it wrong.

Nowadays people take subscriptions to many channels or apps like movie streaming apps, particular web series, study channels subscriptions, and many more and forget to unsubscribe even when they are not in use. Rocket Money app will automatically unsubscribe them and help you in saving money. But do you know is rocket money safe to use or a scam?

About the rocket money app

Before proceeding, we should know what is rocket money. Rocket Money was formerly known by the name Truebill. This budgeting app runs on your smartphone ( android or iPhone) that helps you to manage your money smartly.

Best use of the rocket money app:

  • Use it to keep a check on your spending.
  • As a tool for subscription management
  • Tracking accounts
  • Tracking your credit score
  • Automated savings, etc. 

Benefits, the app provides:

  • Easy platform to keep a check on your spending
  • The app is encrypted with high-security standards, your data is safe.
  • Track your budget easily
  • You can see all your charges in one place.

Some of the disadvantages of the app:

  • Only a few features are available in the free version
  • Doesn’t provide a good customer support

Is the app safe?

The app Rocketmoney uses 256-bit encryption to protect your information. It works with Plaid which is a high security providing firm. So your data is entirely protected. 

The app can not interfere with your account information. If you want you can delete the account as well. Overall, concluding about the security, you can trust the app.

Reviews of the rocket money app

  • Reviews related to budgeting: according to the users, the app has a unique feature of budget tracking. On the home screen, the cash flow will show your spending and earning.

click on the “start budget” option and by using the slider, set the amount to spend, goals and all that.

  • Reviews on financial tracking: the app will assume your monthly income and expenses and set a plan accordingly. You can set a goal purchase, the app will recommend you to cut unusual expenses.
  • Top features: real-time sync, savings smartly, credit score report, cutting useless expenses, premium chat support, etc.
  • Negotiate bills: the app negotiates your bills on your behalf. The app demands 30 to 40 per cent of the amount saved as a lump sum in return.
  • Premium plans: the app offers premium pans according to your need and accordance from $3 to $12. 

According to the above rocket money reviews, the premium version of the app is worth the features.

If you are still not satisfied, visit and get more reviews on the app or resolve other technical-related queries.


Rocketmoney reviews show it as a worthwhile app. Users also recommend trying the free version first.

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