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5 Affordable VPS Hosting Providers: Price Comparison

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Businesses without a website is no worthy. To take up your business beyond a particular geographical location and attract more sales, digital platform is the best. A website is the shop for your products/services where thousands of people can go through it.

But even after having a top-notch website, sometimes business fails. Do you know why?

Due to a poor hosting service. Yes, that’s a very crucial thing that often-business people not think about.

The size of your business indicates which hosting is best suited and how will be cost.

If you want to gain detailed knowledge about the hosting service, hosting provider and Shared and VPS hosting price, you must read this blog.

What is Web hosting service?

Web hosting is the service which makes your online business available on the internet platform (World Wide Web). It is a computer server where the website takes up the resources and get available to different locations.

The service providers that provide the server are known as web hosting companies.

Types of Hosting

Hosting can be varied types:

Shared hosting: It is the server which you share with other businesses too. The shared hosting is best for new small businesses.

VPS hosting (Virtual private server)- It is a virtual server that is provided on a physical server which is shared. It is better than shared and is meant for normal medium and little bigger than medium-sized businesses. They offer greater scopes than shared ones.

Dedicated hosting- it is the hosting plan that are meant for very big businesses. A server resource is dedicated only for your business website. They are the most expensive ones.

Affordable VPS Hosting: Why It Matters

Normally, for any ecommerce sites, or blog sites or even the medium sized businesses, VPS hosting plans are the best suited ones. VPS hosting price is also within affordability too. They provide you all kinds of hosting scopes and assures a better performing website too

What to Consider When Choosing a VPS Hosting Provider

Here are some of the factors which you must check while taking up any hosting service:

  • Uptime

Normally 99.99% uptime is guaranteed by the hosting providers. It means that the website would be available 24/7 on the WWW without affecting its performance. This would ensure a better visibility over the search engine.

  • Secure

While you are taking up VPS hosting plan, make sure that host provides you the security. SSL key is provided free along with antivirus installation too. Moreover, serve must have the secure payment gateways facility particularly for the ecommerce hosting plans.

  • Website speed

Website loading speed matters a lot for ranking over SERPs. A hosting provider must provide enough SSD storage and CDN (content delivery network) that would help in better website performance.

  • Customer assistance

Hosting websites need few basic technical supports. It is not always possible to have such knowledge. So, a 24/7 customer assistance can help you overcome issues with such technical problems. IT would ensure that your website is not down from internet world.

Comparison of 5 Affordable VPS Hosting Providers

  1. InfoSky Solutions

Pricing details:

Small website can be hosted at just INR 720/year and a medium sized website can be hosted at just INR 2320/year.


99.99% uptime guaranteed.

10 GB storage is provided that supports excellent website speed and performance. Minimum of 1 website and maximum of unlimited website can be hosted in varied packages.

InfoSky Solutions provide DDoS protection along with antivirus installation. Daily auto back-up facility helps in restoration of data in secure ways.

The hosting provider confirms the dedicated RAM as per your package value. Integrated cPanel.


100% FREE SSL is provided with any package. No additional costs are taken at the time of renewal. You can buy and renew at same cost.

  1. Namecheap

Pricing details:

The basic package starts from INR 540/month. The highest package is INR 2078/month.


99.99% uptime is guaranteed.

CPU cores- starting from 2 to maximum of 8

Full root access is provided with OS selection option

Top security standard is maintained.


Clients are provided with customization flexibility as per the website’s needs.

  1. HostGator

Pricing details:

Two types of packages are provided. So, the VPS hosting price varies. One is self- managed VPS hosting that starts from INR 349. Whereas fully managed VPS hosting which starts at INR 7699.


No set-up costs

From minimum of 1 core CPU to maximum of 6 core CPU provided.

Storage starts from 15 GB, that can extend up to 200 GB.

All plans come with 1 free dedicated IP

Regular security audit is provided

Integrated cPanel


For fully manages VPS hosting, 100% server management is provided. 10X faster server is guaranteed.

  1. Host Papa


 Starts form Rs. 99/months to Rs.699/month


 99% uptime guaranteed

100 GB of storage is provided

100 Email accounts

Reliable server with latest technology

24/7 customer support


30-day trial is provided. Free domain is provided when you sign-up for shared hosting.

  1. BigRock


Package starts form RS.99/month to Rs. 319/month.


Unlimited domains

Unmetered Bandwidth and SSD storage

99.99% uptime guaranteed.

1 website is provided for basic plan and unlimited website is offered by highest package.


Affordable pricing plans. It also supports different programming languages.

Hosting providerInfoSky SolutionsNamecheapHostGatorHostPapaBigRock
Starting package (INR)7205403499999
USPNo additional cost for renewalFlexibility to customizeProvide fully managed VPS hostingBest for reliable server and technologyAffordable pricing structure.
Free SSLProvidedProvidedProvidedProvidedProvided
Customer support24×724×724×724×724×7


VPS hosting price may be a bit higher than shared hosting, but is the most suitable one for a medium-sized business. Also, with a little more investment you can get secured and high performing website. A website hosted on VPS also get quicker ranks on SERPS too.

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