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Top 5 Prompt Engineering Courses in 2023

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Prompt engineering is a skill that is becoming increasingly important in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). It involves creating natural language inputs to get desired outputs from AI models. To learn prompt engineering for various AI tools and applications like chatbots, content creation, data analysis, education, and entertainment, you can enroll in an online prompt engineer course.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 prompt engineering courses available in 2023. These courses will teach you how to use prompt engineering for different AI tools like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo AI, Midjourney, and more. We’ll also share resources and tips that can help you succeed as a prompt engineer.

What Is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering is the art and science of using natural language to communicate with AI models. It involves creating and testing prompts that guide the AI models to produce helpful and relevant results.

A prompt serves as a natural language input that specifies the task or objective for the AI model. A good prompt is clear, brief, and precise, while also avoiding ambiguity, bias, and mistakes.

Prompt engineering isn’t only valuable for generating text, it’s also beneficial for tasks like text classification, sentiment analysis, translation, and image generation. It extends beyond using predefined prompts and includes designing custom prompts tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Top 5 Prompt Engineering Courses in 2023

You’ll find numerous online prompt engineering courses. To help you find the best ones, we have curated a list of the top 5 free prompt engineering courses that you can take online in 2023. These courses are:

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT (Coursera)

The course developed by Dr. Jules White, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, focuses on reshaping the negative perception of artificial intelligence (AI) and highlighting its potential as a tool for unlocking human creativity. Through motivating examples, participants explore the limitless possibilities of utilizing AI in various domains such as work, creative projects, and daily tasks.

The course offers insights into effective prompt patterns and teaches participants how to leverage AI, specifically large language models like ChatGPT, to enhance their writing, programming, art, thought experiments, and other creative endeavours. By the end of the course, participants will have developed their own prompt-based application and gained a newfound appreciation for AI’s creative potential.

Introduction to Prompt Engineering for Generative AI (LinkedIn Learning)

This online course offers a concise introduction to the fundamental concepts of AI prompt engineering. Participants will learn about the distinctions between tokens and words, and how to utilize AI to generate text and images. The course covers advanced practical topics such as prompt fine-tuning and interacting with AI models through an API. It familiarizes participants with popular AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, and Midjourney. The course aims to provide a solid foundation in AI prompt engineering, serving as a starting point for further exploration in this rapidly evolving field.

How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools (LinkedIn Learning)

This LinkedIn Learning course, led by creative expert Dave Birss, explores the opportunities presented by Generative AI tools for career advancement. The course addresses the common concern of automated thinking replacing human creativity by highlighting how responsible and effective the use of AI can actually benefit writers and creatives. Participants will learn the basics of writing effective prompts for AI, employing the mnemonic C.R.E.A.T.E. to guide ChatGPT in generating high-quality outputs.

The course also demonstrates how AI can assist in research tasks such as summarizing complex information, gaining multiple perspectives, and obtaining expert advice. The emphasis throughout is on AI augmenting human work rather than replacing it, encouraging the production of superior results through a collaborative approach.

Learn Prompting

The Learn Prompting website provides a text-based curriculum for individuals interested in becoming an AI prompt engineer. The courses, developed by researchers, translators, and hobbyists, cover basic to advanced techniques in prompting. The website claims to be a widely-used resource in the field and offers free access to its materials. Learners can choose to focus on specific techniques they are unfamiliar with or explore unique topics not commonly found in other courses.

The bite-sized lessons are practical and easily bookmarked, allowing learners to quickly review and recall essential concepts in AI prompt engineering. The site offers substantial facts and serves as a valuable resource for those seeking comprehensive knowledge in the field.

ChatGPT Ultimate Guide (Skillshare)

The ChatGPT Ultimate Guide course is designed for beginners seeking a quick overview of the best use cases for ChatGPT. Through 59 short videos, learners are introduced to the ChatGPT interface and the OpenAI playground, gaining familiarity with the AI tool. The course showcases multiple practical scenarios where ChatGPT can be utilized effectively, such as summarizing text and videos, rewriting content, organizing data, and more.

It also explores how ChatGPT can enhance job performance in various fields, including teaching, digital marketing, and job hunting. While the videos provide an overview, they inspire learners with ideas on how to leverage ChatGPT to their advantage.

What are the Benefits of Prompt Engineering Courses?

If you want to harness the power of AI for different purposes, prompt engineering is a crucial skill to have. However, mastering prompt engineering isn’t easy. It requires practice, experimentation, and feedback. That’s why enrolling in prompt engineer certification courses can be highly advantageous.

These courses provide a solid foundation in prompt engineering and teach you how to use it with different AI tools and applications. They also offer mentorship, feedback, and certification to help you enhance your prompt engineering skills.

By completing prompt engineering courses, you can become a proficient prompt engineer capable of creating impressive AI applications with natural language inputs. You can also boost your career prospects by becoming an in-demand professional who can work with a variety of AI tools and models.


Prompt engineering is a vital skill for anyone who wants to leverage the power and potential of AI for various purposes. It involves crafting natural language inputs that elicit desired outputs from AI models.

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With its team of skilled instructors, Blockchain Council stands out as an excellent platform to learn both prompt engineering and blockchain technology. Their experienced and qualified instructors will provide guidance throughout the course, assisting you in attaining your learning objectives.

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