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How to Remove a Virus from your iPhone?

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iPhone have always had a safe reputation among the users when it comes to viruses and malware but we cannot say that all electronic devices can be completely safe from hacking or viruses and the same case is with iPhone devices as well. 

This is why we have prepared this blog where you could find if there is any virus on your device and if yes, then how to move viruses from iPhone so let us get started to read the blog immediately. 

Finding out if your iPhone device has been infected with virus or not 

There are some potential signs through which you can know if there is any virus on your device, about which we are going to tell you in this blog. 

  • If the battery of your iPhone device is draining faster than usual then it could be a sign that your device has been infected with a malware or virus.

 You can check about your battery life by going to the settings option and then going to the battery option and then move to the option of battery health and charging and see if there is any hardware issue or infection of virus.  

  • If the applications you use keep on crashing and random pop up messages keep on occurring then you need to find ways for how to get rid of iPhone virus. 


  • If your iPhone device is getting hotter than usual and if there are new applications on your device which you do not remember installing then it means that your device might be hacked. 

Ways for removing the virus and malware from your iPhone device for the users 

Now, let us have a look at the ways to remove virus from iPhone in some simple and easy ways. 

You should clear the cache and history of your device by going to settings and then to safari and then tap on clear history and web data and then finally tap on clear history and data button to confirm the procedure. 

Restarting your device might also help you in fixing the error and getting rid of the malware or virus from your iPhone device and to do this you should hold the side button together with the volume button and then slide to the power off button. 

Another iPhone virus removal way is to restore your iPhone device as a new one by resetting it through the settings tab and then general section, followed by transfer or reset iPhone and then finally selecting erase all contents and settings. 

And as soon as you do this and complete the procedure your device will be brand new now and there will be no virus or malware in it anymore and we believe that the ways which we have mentioned for you in this blog have been helpful and constructive for you. 

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